North Dakota Pre-License With Our Help

Class Topics
ND Pre-License

This 90-hour class will cover the following topics:
• Requirements for Licensure
• Sample Exam Questions
• Agency Relationships, Contracts, and Forms
• Real Property Ownership/Interest
• Finance
• Real Property
• Marketing Regulations (Purchase and Rental)
• Property Management
• Real Estate Math Calculations - Commission, Square Feet, and More
• Duties and Powers of the Real Estate Commission
• Licensing Requirements
• Statutory Requirements Governing the Activities of Licensees
• Real Estate Education, Research and Recovery Fund
• Where to Take the Test
• You've Completed the Hours, Now What!?
• 100 Question National Test and Pre-Test
• 40 Question North Dakota Test and Pre-Test
• What to Look For in a Brokerage
• Continuing Education
• And More!
**This is a hybrid class: 60 hours self-directed and 30 hours via Zoom

2024 Hybrid Live Class Dates:

Coming this Fall!

What You Will Need for Class:
You will need a computer with internet access and a working video and microphone.

Course books needed for the class will be sent to you.

Upcoming Live Class Dates for 30 Hours 

Coming soon
Zoom class - must be present for all 6  sessions

2024 Hybrid Live Class Dates:

Coming this Fall!

The only live Real Estate Pre-License Course in North Dakota!

This class is approved by the State of North Dakota.

Results Matter...
When taking the pre-license course with the Academy of Real Estate Professionals test scores increase by 15.8% for the State and 23.5% for the National tests from the pre-test to the final tests of the course. Those results are significant!

This is your career. Go with the best!

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With expert instruction and a comprehensive curriculum, this course will help you master the skills you need to succeed in the North Dakota real estate market. By learning the ins and outs of real estate lingo, you'll be able to communicate with clients and colleagues more effectively, while motivation will help you stay focused and driven as you work towards your goals. Whether you're a new agent looking to jumpstart your career or an experienced salesperson seeking to become a broker, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

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Upcoming Class

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Hybrid class of 60 hours for National (self-guided) and 30 hours for the State (Live via Zoom)

Start Your Real Estate Career Today!

The only live Pre-License Real Estate Course in North Dakota!

2024 Hybrid Live Class Dates:

Coming this Fall!

Must be present for all 6 sessions.

Take the pre-license class from anywhere in the state. 60 hours self-guided and 30 hours live via Zoom.

According to the ND Real Estate Commission, only 22% of the applicants taking the real estate test pass the State and National tests on the first try.

** Class is non-refundable**

What Do I Receive?

Academy of Professional Real Estate provides you with:
• All of the materials needed for the class, including the textbook and study guide, at no additional charge
• Practice test questions
• Concepts of how the real estate industry operates in North Dakota
• Instructors who are currently active, in the trenches as licensed realtors/brokers in North Dakota selling homes on a daily basis with teaching backgrounds
• App for your smartphone/tablet—which is a great study tool!
• Real-life examples
• Test prep and review

Option to attend future pre-license classes for test review at no charge based on seat availability.