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The next step in real estate is your broker license. Are you thinking of opening up your own shop? Adding another designation? Well, this is the course for you.

We will deep dive into setting up your own brokerage while preparing you to take the broker test. After 60 hours, you will be armed with a budget, business plan, and real estate knowledge to take your career to the next level.

You already know how to sell real estate. The broker course will cover the business of real estate and what it takes to run your own brokerage in a very interactive, engaging, and fun learning setting.

Are you ready to take your real estate career to the next level? If so, now is the time to sign up for the next class offered by Academy of Real Estate Professionals. With expert instruction and a comprehensive curriculum, this course will help you master the skills you need to succeed in the North Dakota real estate market. By learning the ins and outs of real estate lingo, you'll be able to communicate with clients and colleagues more effectively, while motivation will help you stay focused and driven as you work towards your goals.

Whether you're a new agent looking to jumpstart your career or an experienced salesperson seeking to become a broker, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

So why wait? Sign up now and take the first step towards a brighter future in North Dakota's dynamic real estate industry!

No boring videos

Or time-wasting activities to tick away at the 60 hours. Instead, you'll receive engaging, real-life scenarios, case studies, and hands-on, face-to-face interaction via technology. Having opportunities to learn how to take the broker test will help you pass it as the test is different than what you have taken in the past.

We will take what we've learned face to face and start completing projects to better enhance your learning as well as prepare you for running your own brokerage. After passing the broker test, you will have the tools needed to open up your own shop should you desire.

If you are ready to take the next step, sign up now for the only live broker course in ND!

You must have 2 years of experience as a licensed ND salesperson to be able to take your brokers exam.

Note: This class is approved by the State of North Dakota

Broker Class for North Dakota

Class Topics
ND Broker Course

This 60-hour class will cover the following topics (30-hours will be LIVE via Zoom):

• Requirements for License
• Sample Exam Questions
• Agency Relationships, Contracts, and Forms
• Developing a Plan
• Business Structure
• Financing Structure
• Policies and Procedures
• Marketing and Advertising
• Legal
• Recruiting
• Licensing Requirements - Salesperson
• Personal Development
• Coaching
• Managing Risk
• Real Estate Education, Research and Recovery Fund
• Where to Take The Test
• You've Completed the Hours, Now What!?
• Broker Simulation Tests to Help Prepare You for the State Test
• ND Century Code Review
• And More!
**This is a live class via Zoom for 30 hours**

2024 Hybrid Live Class Dates:

Coming this Fall!

*Approved by the ND Real Estate Commission

*This Course provides you with CE for this year


What You Will Need for Class:

• Laptop/Tablet With Excel, PDF Reader, and Word
• Video and Microphone on Your Computer
• Internet Access
• Highlighter

Upcoming Classes

Register for the upcoming classes:

This is a hybrid Class: 30 hours self-directed and 30 hours via Zoom

Must be present for all 6 sessions

2024 Hybrid Live Class Dates:

Next class Starts:

Coming this Fall!


All textbooks will be mailed out.

Additional information will be emailed to you after registration.

Minimum number needed to hold class

What Do I Receive?

Academy of Professional Real Estate provides you with:
• All of the materials needed for the class, including the textbook and ND Century Code Manual, at no additional charge
• Practice test questions to assist you in passing the Broker test, not chapter book tests
• Practical applications to owning your own brokerage
• In-depth knowledge of running a brokerage
• Concepts of how the real estate industry operates in North Dakota
• Instructors who are currently active licensed realtors/brokers in North Dakota selling homes on a daily basis with teaching backgrounds
• Real-life examples

That's Why We Have This Class!

Let's face it... there is a lot of new material and concepts covered, like metes and bounds, lis pendens, adverse possession, life estate, joint tenancy, caveat emptor, tenancy in common, fair housing, ethics, anti-trust, chattel, short sale, animus contrahendi, title insurance, eminent domain, intestate, fee simple absolute, representation, riparian rights, habendum, ad valorem, math questions and so much more! Seem overwhelming?

Real estate laws are always changing and having active salespeople and brokers in the trenches teaching this class will keep you up to date compared to a recorded online session.

How Does This Class Work?

Signing up for the next class offered by Academy of Real Estate Professionals is a straight forward process that can be done online. Once you've registered and paid for the course, you'll receive your books and other course materials in the mail. From there, you can start working through the online material at your own pace, using the Academy's state-of-the-art online learning platform. As you progress through the course, you'll have access to interactive quizzes, practice exams, and other tools that will help you master the material.

When it's time for the live zoom class, you'll join your instructor and classmates in a virtual classroom setting. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, engage in discussions, deep dive into the Century Codes and get personalized guidance from experienced brokers who are active in the North Dakota real estate market. After completing the live zoom class, you'll finish up your online study and review the material to prepare for the final exam.

Once you've completed the course and passed the final exam, you'll receive your completion certificate, which is recognized by the North Dakota Real Estate Commission. With your new knowledge and skills, you'll be well-equipped to take your real estate career to the next level. Whether you're looking to start your own brokerage, become a broker associate, or simply enhance your skills as a salesperson, Academy of Real Estate Professionals can help you achieve your goals.


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79% of our students are actively licensed real estate professionals in North Dakota, as of August 2021.

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2024 Hybrid Live Class Dates:

Next class Starts:

Coming this Fall!

Pre-License and Test Review Class for North Dakota

** Class is non-refundable**